The Finer Points of Real Estate Lease Administration

Your portfolio of real estate is as diverse as it is complex, and requires the same due diligence as any other valued asset in your organization. Beyond brick and mortar assets, real estate can encompass everything from cell towers and pole attachments, right of ways and roof rights, conduit runs, cross connects, broadcast licenses and service agreements.

Real estate portfolio optimization requires you to manage huge volumes of data – critical dates, provisions, responsibilities, options, terms and conditions and more. The only way to track so many variables is to bring all the data together in one central location where employees throughout your organization have the visibility and access they need to make smart decisions.
Real estate assets are a key driver of business performance and proper management can result in:
  • Reduced risk with visibility to legal terms and conditions
  • Improved bottom line through optimal of use of space, property and other assets
  • Streamlined operations from timely reporting and intra-department collaboration
  • Better cash flow through more efficient billing and collections

DataNet understands the intricacies of real estate portfolio management – be it property,  or other special assets – and has designed a feature-rich platform flexible enough to accommodate even the most complex contract or lease.