Mon July 27, 2020

Our Summer Interns

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This summer at DataNet, we have introduced four amazing students onto our team; Charlie, Willow, Max, and Amy. While gaining real-life experience, our interns have already begun contributing greatly and we are so lucky to have them for the summer. Without further ado, here are our four wonderful summer interns. Charlie Caron, DevelopmentĀ  Following his four years of undergrad majoring in Computer Science and Quantitative Engineering, Charlie went back to [...]

Fri July 17, 2020

What is Contract Management Software?

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Book a Demo Get a Price Does my business need contract management software? How much time are some of your employees spending searching for key data on various contracts? Too much. Period. Stop wasting time. Stop wasting money. Your staff were hired to meet the specific needs of your business and provide value for customers, not constantly sift through file cabinets or spreadsheets in search of [...]

Mon July 6, 2020

6 Benefits of Using LeaseNet

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At DataNet, we turn your portfolio of misfiled contracts into assets with real, measurable value. Replacing manual contract management with a suite of automated tools allows you to masterfully manage your leases and contracts on a single platform. We do this by integrating our flagship product, LeaseNet, with your document accounting and project workflows. LeaseNet provides you with a fully integrated solution. In this blog, we look at 6 benefits of using LeaseNet for your [...]