Lease Software

Our Accounting Module provides you with a complete lease financial reporting system, including schedules for straight line and capitalization of payment and receivable streams. Automatically create coded check and invoice records which can be fed to virtually any accounting system including Oracle, SAP, Lawson, Great Plains, and QuickBooks, as well as journal entries to keep your general ledger, P&L, and balance sheet up to date.

DataNet’s contract accounting module allows you the flexibility to make managerial accounting decisions that match your asset depreciation and amortization schedules based on your knowledge of your business while conforming with FASB standards. For example, you may take multiple renewals into account for a mission-critical leased asset like a land lease, thereby extending your straight-line schedule beyond your lease’s current term, while capitalizing a lease such as a warehouse space based on a more strict interpretation of terms. LeaseNet’s recently upgraded financial tools are used in many challenging environments from Fortune 500 companies spanning regulated and non-regulated operations, to firms requiring reporting on portfolios with diverse contract obligations from fleet leases to stock option loans.

DataNet’s lease accounting module handles changes in base payments and billing as well, giving you clear and detailed reporting on amendments including additions to schedules in any period, and handles proration and payment timing without the hassle of manual calculation.

With LeaseNet and ContractNet reporting, you can create multiple version of your reports, filtering your cash and accrual data by any number of criteria, and even saving your personal report versions for access with a single click from your home page.

Schedule a demonstration to see tools for straight-lining, capitalization, amortization, accruals, escalations, CPI and index management, tax handling, and more. Feel free to discuss your specific lease accounting and financial reporting needs with our DataNet representative and we’ll tailor a demonstration for you.