Here at DataNet, we turn your unloved, often misfiled contracts into assets with real, measurable value.

We replace manual contract management with a suite of automated tools that save time and deliver real, measurable value. We do this by integrating our flagship product, LeaseNet, with the document workflows of our clients, providing them with a fully customized solution.

We serve users with clients in real estate, telecom, utilities, energy, higher education, transportation and general business, in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Asia Pacific Region, and Europe – supporting three languages.

Our History

In 1999, we delivered our first software solution for one of the most contract-intensive industries: telecommunications. The client came to us with thousands of contracts – contractual assets – each with unique considerations. These were complex contract terms specific to their industry, such as circuits, pole attachments, risers, right of entry, rack space, roof rights, equipment, maintenance and more. Our solution made these situations easy to track and from which the client could easily generate real-time reports.