Energy companies have a wide range of contractual agreements, and each represents an operational asset that requires careful management and coordination to maximize contract value and minimize any associated risk. From managing the maintenance of large processing plants down to the pole attachments and easements in the field, each contract is as unique as it is complex.

Furthermore, energy-related contracts often cross multiple department lines, requiring the coordination of facility management, procurement, legal, construction, operations, field engineers and more.

Contract management in the energy sector is no easy task, but a cutting edge management software like ContractNet can deliver company-wide benefits including:

  • Time Savings through streamlined contract creation and approval processes
  • Revenue Generation through improved contractual performance from suppliers and customers
  • Cost Reduction through decreased operation staffing costs
  • Improved Company Performance through better compliance and communication

DataNet simplifies energy-related contract management with solutions optimized for the nuances of the industry. Our platform delivers an intuitive solution with unparalleled flexibility and security to meet the most demanding portfolio requirements, and a feature set unrivaled in the industry.