1. Have your administrator deploy DocuSign support to LeaseNet, or our Support Team can deploy it for you. a. Your administrator can log in to your
    1. LeaseNet system, and securely enter your company’s DocuSign credentials in LeaseNet’s Document Administration tool. It’s the same place they set up your default folders and document types for projects and contracts. They will need your DocuSign Account ID, url, and an access token they can generate from your DocuSign account.
    2. If your company uses one of DocuSign’s other integration methods, such as an integration key and RSA Private Key, let us know – LeaseNet Supports that too!

2. Select any document or select multiple documents you want to send for signature or drag a new document into a LeaseNet project or contract record to try it out.

3. Fill in the email address of your counter signer.

4. Click send.

5. Your Signer will get an email with a link to a DocuSign envelope, which will walk them through the digital signature process. The envelope will have all of the graphical configuration that your company account has – like your logo and special messages.

6. LeaseNet will display the signature status of your document in the documents listing. For advanced control, your DocuSign account can be set to send LeaseNet updates for events during the signature process, including when the DocuSign envelope is sent, delivered, or declined, and when your document is signed, and more.