Core Features

  • Visibility of every important detail in your entire portfolio of contracts 
  • ​Leverage auto-notifications of key critical dates and tasks to have complete control over contract life-cycle
  • Real-time reporting with one click of a button  

  • Financial processing to track, make, and receive on time payments every time

  • ​ API integrations making it simple to send or get valuable data from other systems 

  • ​ Integrated work-flow and Process management to track and improve all of your business processes
  • ​ Contract, asset, location hierarchy support to expand your view of your assets 
  • ​ Integrations with major ERP systems like Oracle, SAP 
  • ​ Configurability – over 100 telecom templates that can be configured to your exact needs
  • D​ata normalization to reduce double data entry or mistakes

  • ​Built-in data analysis and calculation tools to reduce time manually gathering data for reports


  • Why buy from us? 

    LeaseNet will enable your employees to be prepared with the right tools, the correct numbers, and the precise reports before your auditors even schedule a meeting. Giving you the insights you actually need so you can spend less time putting together reports and more time solving business problems.

    Make better and more informed business decisions. Network real estate expansion. Improve visibility of budget, for opportunity like expansion to grow your business.
    Process and work-flow improvement to make daily tasks more efficient.
    DataNet has more telecom clients than any other contract management solution on the market.
  • What happens if I wait?

    Your employees may continue to miss payments or overpay, miss critical dates such as renewals.

    Opportunities for company growth will not be visible.
    Double data entry will happen and valuable time will be spent putting together reports manually.
    No time to focus on growing your business.
  • How do I present this to my team? 

    LeaseNet is an affordable easy to implement solution.

    A dedicated DataNet salesperson will take care of presenting LeaseNet to your team with a guided online demo.
  • Do you have any offers? 

    LeaseNet is an affordable easy to implement solution.

    A dedicated DataNet salesperson will take care of presenting LeaseNet to your team with a guided online demo.
  • Who is DataNet?

    In 1999, we delivered our first software solution for one of the most contract-intensive industries: Telecommunications.

    Our solution for Quest Communications managed thousands of contractual assets – including real estate, circuits, spectrum, pole attachments, risers, right of entry, rack space, roof rights, equipment, maintenance and more.

    We serve thousands of client users in real estate, telecom, utilities, energy, higher education, transportation and general business, in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Asia Pacific Region, and Europe – supporting three languages.
    A privately held company, DataNet is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.
  • What does LeaseNet integrate with? 
    LeaseNet integrates by API or flat file to any third party major ERP systems like Oracle, SAP, Great Plains, and more.
  • What results will I actually get from this?

    One database that will house your contracts with API and flat file integration capability, not multiple spreadsheets. Produce and schedule useful reports with the click of a button. Reports that present high level data and metrics with the ability to drill down into detail. Tracking and email notification of critical dates and payments.

    Provide insights to your data regarding revenue and growth. Budget and forecast. Time to focus on initiatives. Start dates or target dates for upcoming projects or status of current projects. Data clean up and normalization in order to reduce data redundancy and improve data integrity. Growth or squeezing every nickel out of business. Improve cash flow.
  • Does DataNet offer support? 
    Yes, online support is provided through the life of your contract.

Client Testimonials

“LeaseNet is a very useful resource for management 
of our lease portfolio and financial reporting requirements.” 
Scott J Satko, C&C Communications

“The overall detail that LeaseNet is able to capture is invaluable.” 

Gretchen Clifton, Level 3 Communications

“We have improved our lease administration efficiency using Leasenet. We enjoy the flexibility and ease of use of Leasenet.” 

Kimberly Sweat, CenturyLink

Over 7000 current users