Fri May 1, 2020

Learn More About DataNet

2020-05-01T07:23:16+00:00May 1, 2020|DataNet Experience|

Here at DataNet, we turn your unloved, often misfiled contracts into assets with real, measurable value. We replace manual contract management with a suite of automated tools that save time and deliver real, measurable value. We do this by integrating our flagship product, LeaseNet, with the document workflows of our clients, providing them with a fully customized solution. We serve users with clients in real estate, telecom, utilities, energy, higher education, transportation and general business, in [...]

Tue March 31, 2020

Contract Management Software

2020-04-15T00:58:28+00:00March 31, 2020|Contract Management Software, DataNet Experience|

DataNet has been publishing our sophisticated yet simple to use contract management software since 1999 in a suite of web based modules that offer our clients total control of their contracts and the assets that they represent. As automated contract portfolio management increasingly becomes a necessity among mid-size to large corporations, DataNet’s  LeaseNet and ContractNet database solutions are deployed as invaluable systems for departments and cross functional teams seeking visibility into critical operating assets whose ownership may [...]