At DataNet, we turn your portfolio of misfiled contracts into assets with real, measurable value. Replacing manual contract management with a suite of automated tools allows you to masterfully manage your leases and contracts on a single platform. We do this by integrating our flagship product, LeaseNet, with your document accounting and project workflows. LeaseNet provides you with a fully integrated solution.

In this blog, we look at 6 benefits of using LeaseNet for your contract management solution.

  1. Saves time    Managing numerous contracts Find out more at once is onerous enough. Rifling through file cabinets or Excel spreadsheets in search of critical dates is needlessly time-consuming. Through a simple search, LeaseNet’s user-friendly interface instantly sifts through your personalized database to find key data.
  1. Reduce Risk Manual contract management can create a serious risk for errors. Data entry mistakes are a frequent issue with a decentralized system, such as duplicate data and small spelling mistakes that can lead to large consequences. Even spreadsheets on a shared drive are not immune to manual errors. LeaseNet’s centralized contract management solution can significantly lower these risks with cleanup tools to normalize your data, generate alerts and process events and obligations.
  1. Shows full audit trial DataNet’s audit trail capabilities allow you to effortlessly trace back and know what updates were made, when they were made, and by whom. Our software offers seamless integration with your accounting software and allows you to stay on top of your records with ease.
  1. Increases Productivity There’s no need to wait for periodically updated KPI data. DataNet has a host of ad hoc reporting tools, allowing users to easily generate real-time reports and visualize them across charts, graphs, gauges, and maps. Speed up your decision-making process by enabling users to ask and answer questions about their data in real-time.
  1. Secure public, private and on-premise cloud storage Built upon DataNet’s secure, configurable platform, LeaseNet allows you to grant access down to the individual page, section, field, or object level. Managers can globally assign modules or functions and filter access to data according to individual permission for groups or objects. Your LeaseNet data and documents will always be protected and available, whenever and wherever you need it.
  1. Improves cash flow LeaseNet can help simplify the accounts payable and receivable processes in a number of ways, including automating payments and invoices as well as managing escalations, obligations, approvals and audit. Receiving notifications of critical dates will ensure that you never miss a beat throughout the lifecycle of each contract.


      DataNet centralizes and organizes your asset portfolio, replacing the burden of manual contract management with online tools that save time, reduce risk, and streamline your internal processes.

“LeaseNet is a very useful resource for management 
of our lease portfolio and financial reporting requirements.” 
Scott J Satko, C&C Communications

“The overall detail that LeaseNet is able to capture is invaluable.” 

Gretchen Clifton, Level 3 Communications

“We have improved our lease administration efficiency using Leasenet. We enjoy the flexibility and ease of use of Leasenet.” 

Kimberly Sweat, CenturyLink

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