Thu April 2, 2020

Lease Financial Reporting Software

2020-05-01T07:19:05+00:00April 2, 2020|Financial Tools|

Our Accounting Module provides you with a complete lease financial reporting system, including schedules for straight line and capitalization of payment and receivable streams. Automatically create coded check and invoice records which can be fed to virtually any accounting system including Oracle, SAP, Lawson, Great Plains, and QuickBooks, as well as journal entries to keep your general ledger, P&L, and balance sheet up to date. DataNet’s contract accounting module allows you the flexibility to make managerial accounting [...]

Thu April 2, 2020

Upgraded Contract Financials

2020-05-04T13:25:22+00:00April 2, 2020|Contract Management Software|

For complex contract accounting, we’ve brought together tools that contract and lease administrators need to automate multiple payment, billing, and booking scenarios for complex contracts like retail leases and rack space including: Index-based variable escalations Revenue Sharing between and across agreements Straightlining and Capitalization of leased assets Overage Rent, Percentage Rent, and Formula-based variable recurring payments Currency Support for Multi-National holdings New approval process tools British Quarter frequencies and More...

Thu April 2, 2020

Portfolio Navigator

2020-05-01T07:22:24+00:00April 2, 2020|Contract Management Software|

Large contract portfolios require fast navigation. You can drill to the contract or group of contracts you need quickly and easily with DataNet's Portfolio Navigator. Group and sort contracts and create your own listings and even a map view you can access with a single click. With Portfolio Navigator you can: Create, edit, and save custom listing of your contracts Group and filter by any data Locate your site based agreements on a map, or integrate [...]

Thu April 2, 2020

Contract Management Software Gives You the Edge in Business

2020-04-29T00:48:21+00:00April 2, 2020|Contract Management Software|

Your business depends on keeping your contracts all up to date and organized in an orderly fashion. This is just sound business practice. Some contracts are simple in their design and others are more complicated. Going through each of them separately has to happen initially, but to repeat this process over and over again takes up a lot of time and causes your business run less efficiently. The best solution to streamline your operations is to [...]