Tue March 31, 2020

Contract Management Software

2020-04-15T00:58:28+00:00March 31, 2020|Contract Management Software, DataNet Experience|

DataNet has been publishing our sophisticated yet simple to use contract management software since 1999 in a suite of web based modules that offer our clients total control of their contracts and the assets that they represent. As automated contract portfolio management increasingly becomes a necessity among mid-size to large corporations, DataNet’s  LeaseNet and ContractNet database solutions are deployed as invaluable systems for departments and cross functional teams seeking visibility into critical operating assets whose ownership may [...]

Tue March 31, 2020

Greater Ease in Managing Multiple Contracts

2020-05-01T01:35:47+00:00March 31, 2020|Contracts|

Businesses that manage multiple accounts depend upon contractual agreements with customers and other businesses. There is a certain amount of legalese required to ensure the mutual safety and protection of each party which is entering into the agreements. Some of the more complex contracts may be more difficult to manage because of the language which is used when drafting them. These are the documents which can eat up time and resources when sifting through them to [...]

Tue March 31, 2020

FASB 842 Compliance

2020-04-02T20:10:30+00:00March 31, 2020|Contracts|

LeaseNet now has integrated FASB 842 compliant calculations for Type B – Operating Leases, and can produce your Right Of Use, Liability, and other schedules under the new lease accounting rules. You can try the calculator at the new ContractNet.IO website. The free calculator allows anyone to produce and download the schedules for one lease at a time. Integrated with LeaseNet, the module gives companies the ability to: Synchronize your recurring and non-recurring payment data and [...]

Sun March 29, 2020

Integrated Project Management for your Contract Portfolio

2020-05-01T01:43:05+00:00March 29, 2020|Video Tutorial|

Watch our video explaining how LeaseNet works. Schedule audits and transactions, collaborate with tasks and documents, track and manage time sheets, and keep your workflow moving and organized with LeaseNet and ContractNet Projects. Project and workflow management, including user configurable templates, roles, and teams, is included with Enterprise subscriptions and installations of LeaseNet and ContractNet.